"My Sweet Bodyguard" (Non-GREE) Walkthrough - Subaru Ichiyanagi Main Route


Here comes the walkthrough for Subaru’s route =3

Subaru Ichiyanagi Main Route - Happy Ending:

Episode 01:

C. Say nothing

B. I’m a little scared…

Episode 02:

C. Reluctantly give him the bags

B. Yes, sir!

Episode 03:

A. No way!

C. Tell him it is delicious

Episode 04:

B. I’m surprised

B. You’d have made a good prince

Episode 05:

A. I’ll cry later when I’m alone

B. Apologize

Episode 06:

A. They really say that?!

B. I’m just your client

Episode 07:

A. The item by your hand

C. Could we go somewhere else?

Episode 08:

B. Your home is so clean

B. Do I look bad?

Episode 09:

B. Of course!

A. Okay

Episode 10:

B. Why is this happening to me?

A. What makes you think that?!

Episode 11:

C. Thank you, everyone!

B. My life is in danger

Episode 12:

C. Does it make you mad?

A. It’s cute

Episode 13:

B. I have to do it

A. Okay

Episode 14:

A. Cut the green!

B. Hey!

Episode 15:

Happy Ending \(^o^)/

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