"My Sweet Bodyguard" (Non-GREE) Walkthrough - Daichi Katsuragi Main Route


And now, the last character I play for today (probably…), hereby I present everyone my “notes” as walkthrough for Daichi’s Main Route ;D

Once again, I managed to clear the Happy Ending on the very first try ^o^ But I still wonder why I have to do twice to manage to get a Happy Ending on Kaiji’s route, compared to all the other characters >,>

Daichi Katsuragi Main Route - Happy Ending:

Episode 01:

A. A teacher and a professor

A. You’re really looking after me

Episode 02:

A. It’s really funny!

A. Katsuragi saved me

Episode 03:

B. Are you bad with women?

C. Green tea

Episode 04:

C. I’ll hold an umbrella for you

A. Try harder

Episode 05:

C. Pretend you didn’t hear

A. Get some rest too!

Episode 06:

B. But the deadline is tight!

B. I don’t like it

Episode 07:

C. Katsuragi should drink more

A. Nothing…

Episode 08:

B. The man who attacked me with the car?

A. Refuse

Episode 09:

A. I’ll go

C. Wait

Episode 10:

C. Hug him

C. Study

Episode 11:

B. Plead with the man

C. I’m worried about Midori

Episode 12:

C. Say nothing

C. Wait where you are

Episode 13:

A. You’re not boring me!

A. Thank you

Episode 14:

B. They fought with sabers

A. I’m staying here

Episode 15:

Happy Ending \(^o^)/

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